U10-5 Compact Excavator from Mission Valley Kubota

Spotlight: U10-5 Compact Excavator

For those tackling the mightiest tasks in the tightest spaces, the spotlight shines brightly on the Kubota U10-5 Compact Excavator. This powerhouse encapsulates strength, agility, and reliability in a design so compact that it effortlessly maneuvers through narrow passageways and…

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SVL75-3 Compact Track Loader from Mission Valley Kubota

Spotlight: SVL75-3 Compact Track Loader

Unveiling the Game-Changer in Heavy-Duty Equipment – the Kubota SVL75-3 Compact Track Loader! Are you ready to elevate your workday from routine to remarkable? The Kubota SVL75-3 is stepping into the spotlight, boasting features that promise not just to meet…

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tractor in field

What are the benefits of Owning a Tractor vs. Renting One?

Buying or Renting: An Important Decision In the world of agriculture and large-scale gardening, tractors hold an important role due to their flexibility and efficiency in handling a variety of tasks. From plowing and planting to mowing and managing materials,…

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A kubota tractor at San Jose, CA.

What Is Towing Capacity and How Is it Measured?

What Is Towing Capacity and How Is it Measured? A Look at Towing Capacity Understanding and correctly applying the concept of towing capacity is important not just for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants but also for the…

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The History of tractors at San Jose, CA.

Economic History of Tractors in the United States

American agriculture is one of the most efficient and productive in the world, with a variety of crops growing in different climates. Farm machinery has always been one of the most important parts of agriculture, and tractors are no exception.…

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microchip on engine from Mission Valley Kubota

What is an HST Plus transmission?

An HST Plus transmission is a sophisticated system developed by Kubota that significantly enhances the control, power, and efficiency of tractors. The term “HST” stands for Hydrostatic Transmission, a type of transmission found in certain types of heavy machinery and…

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The two people discussing.

What is KTAC Insurance?

Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) is known for quality equipment, and they stand behind that equipment with a special form of insurance coverage. KTAC Insurance, backed by the Kubota Tractor Acceptance Corporation (KTAC), is a unique insurance product designed specifically for…

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up close of riding lawn mower tires from Mission Valley Kubota

What Kind of Tires Can I Put on My Riding Lawn Mower?

Like any other vehicle, your riding lawnmower requires appropriate tires to function optimally. Understanding the right type of tire for your mower can significantly impact the mower’s maneuverability, speed, and overall effectiveness. Mower tires are classified primarily by their size,…

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three riding lawn mowers in a row from Mission Valley Kubota

What Kind of Programs Does Kubota Have for Turf Fleet?

Kubota, a global leader in the manufacture of agricultural and landscaping equipment, has built a strong reputation over the years for delivering high-quality, durable, and efficient machinery. With a product lineup that spans various industries, Kubota’s offerings in the turf…

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three Kubota tractors from Mission Valley Kubota in grass field

Do Kubota Tractors Hold Their Value?

In the world of farming, landscaping, and construction, tractors are indispensable machines that enable professionals to carry out numerous tasks efficiently. Among the various brands available in today’s marketplace, Kubota tractors have earned a reputation for quality, performance, and longevity.…

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Man riding tractor mower.

How do mowers attached to tractors work?

How Do Mowers Attached to Tractors Work? If you’re considering attaching a mower to the tractor, you probably need a powerful, versatile piece of equipment capable of completing more than one job. Mowers on tractors can tackle tough jobs quickly…

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Tractor with mower attachment.

Differences in Sub-compact, Agriculture, Utility, & Compact Tractors

Sub-Compact, Agriculture, Utility, & Compact Tractors Comparison Whether you’re buying your first tractor or your hundredth, there are a lot of factors to consider to make sure you’re making a wise purchasing decision. The process doesn’t need to be stressful…

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Kubota excavator from Mission Valley.

What are some tips to know when buying an excavator?

What Are Some Tips to Know When Buying an Excavator? Buying an excavator is a big investment, but it can significantly reduce labor and improve efficiency on a job site. Mission Valley Kubota specializes in new, used, and rental tractors,…

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dpf filter from Mission Valley Kubota

What Happens if I Don’t Clean My DPF Filter?

  A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a component in a diesel engine that is designed to capture and store soot and other particulate matter from the engine’s exhaust gases. Over time, the filter can become clogged, which will reduce…

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Man driving tractor, loader, backhoe from Mission Valley Kubota

What should I know as the new owner of a backhoe?

A backhoe is a machine that’s designed for one thing, to dig, and it does that very well. In addition to digging, a backhoe has strong material lifting and moving capabilities. With various attachments like grapples, front forks, digging buckets,…

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The tractors around a dirt pile.

What is the difference between a tractor and an excavator?

When you have a big job to do, you want to make sure that you have the right equipment. There are some jobs that work best with a tractor, and others where an excavator is the right choice. Understanding the…

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A Kubota commercial mower mowing grass.

What Is The Life Span Of A Commercial Mower?

What Is The Life Span Of A Commercial Mower? commercial mower is vital to any lawn care business or to consumers with large areas to mow. Keeping your mower in good shape will allow it to work better and to…

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farm-tractor pulling hay

What Are The RPMs On A PTO?

What Are The RPMs On A PTO? PTO The power take-off (PTO) drive, found on most farm tractors, is a major power source for agricultural equipment. The PTO is a spinning shaft used to power various PTO driven machines or…

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tightening tire on a tractor

What Are The Service Intervals On My New Tractor?

What Are The Service Intervals On My New Tractor? Periodic maintenance is important to keep your new tractor operating at its best and following a regular maintenance schedule will extend the life of your tractor. While individual tractor manufacturers have…

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Kubota svl at Construction place.

What Is The Difference Between An SVL And An SSV?

What Is The Difference Between An SVL And An SSV? If you have a big job to do, you need sturdy and reliable equipment to do it. Kubota Construction Equipment has a solid reputation for well-engineered products that are  dependable…

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