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New Kubota Tractors for Sale in San Jose, CA

For homeowners and businesses in San Jose, California, Mission Valley Kubota & Tractor offers a variety of brand-new Kubota tractors, construction equipment, lawnmowers, and other equipment. You can get everything you need to complete the work effectively and dependably in our enormous collection. You may avoid costly repairs and rebuilds by making an investment in modern tractors and machinery. Additionally, your new equipment comes with an excellent guarantee. Kubota tractors come with the best factory warranties available. Enjoy stress-free work knowing that your tractors and equipment can withstand the toughest job locations. If something does occur, you are protected.

Which Tractor Do I Need?

You need equipment that can tackle your work, whether you’re mulching a huge acreage or planting for the next crop. Models of Kubota tractors are made to operate in confined locations or perform agricultural building jobs. Find the ideal Kubota small tractor for your project by browsing our whole inventory of tractors. We can match you with the ideal model, whether you require the almost 2-ton lift capability of the M62 or a small vehicle that can hug a steep incline.

  • BX Series – The BX series offers a choice for 16.6 to 24.8 gross engine horsepower. This makes the tractor suitable for projects such as; gardening, landscaping, and general property maintenance.
  • B Series – Whether you are mowing lawns, landscaping, or working on light construction, the B series compact tractors are operator friendly and able to handle real work.
  • LX Series – The LX series is small enough to fit your lawn and garden needs yet powerful enough to fit larger, compact applications with 1,676 lbs. 3-Point lift capacity.
  • L Series – With a 50-year track record of dependability, the L Series is one of the top 10 selling compact tractors in the US.
  • MX Series – Available in either 2WD or 4WD models, the MX series us versatile enough to handle almost any work site or application.
  • M Series – The M series is designed for exceptional performance in numerous types of climates and operations, from baling on 500 acres or landscaping 20 acres.

The Prowess of Kubota

You can obtain strong, long-lasting vehicles for demanding agricultural or construction work with Kubota farm tractors. We offer a solution that can shorten your time spent on a project, whether you work in farming, landscaping, or house construction.

Our equipment ranges smoothly transitions from the orchard to the vegetable and fruit crops thanks to low profile and high clearance choices. Our little cars have the same utility range but are made to carry lesser loads. We have a tractor that can tackle the task whether you have five acres or 500.

Why We Sell Kubota Tractors

Kubota tractors are designed to deliver exceptional performance and support. Whether you’re planting crops, laying foundations, moving waste, or doing any other task you can think of; this well-tested equipment can handle the tougher chores. Your job will be simpler, more organized, and more productive if you provide a great experience. To meet every demand with high-quality gear that also maintains comfort, safety, and durability, they are available in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, and engine types. Visit our store right away to see why both weekend warriors and contractors alike regard the name as a reliable, premium brand.

Modern Styles & Comfort

The enhanced suspension seat with optional arm supports, the more roomy operator station, and the included rubber floor mats are how the new L02 Series differentiates itself from its preceding versions. The L3302 and L3902 look, feel, and function like luxury small tractors thanks to their contemporary appearance, which stands out with a smooth curve to the bonnet and standard LED headlamps and side work lights.

The two new Kubota L02 four-wheel drive machines come in gear drive and HST transmission options. The HST has forward/reverse and speed control that is easily manipulated by depressing the pedal. With eight forward and eight backward speeds, the gear drive transmission has the strength and adaptability needed for the work. Additionally, the HST variants of the L02 now include an independent PTO that can be quickly engaged by the simple flick of a switch while running the tractor.

Our Inventory

Kubota Tractors

Kubota tractors provide strength and cutting-edge technology because they are made for difficult settings. You are free to use them with ease in many kinds of commercial, agricultural, and other contexts thanks to their strong additional features and resilient parts, like the rotary tillers’ improved row spacing, simpler steering, more ground clearance, removable components, and power lift capabilities.

Kubota Mowers

With Kubota mowers, yard work will be a breeze. These provide you with a wide range of advantages and features, regardless of whether you simply need to mow your lawn or want a fleet of efficient commercial mowers. Enjoy improved mobility, shorter mowing times, reduced fuel use, and a cleaner mowing overall.

Kubota Construction Vehicles

On Kubota’s assembly line, there are practically unlimited classes of construction equipment. You’ll find everything you’re searching for at Mission Valley, from industrious excavators that can fit in both large and small construction sites to track loaders that easily traverse difficult terrain. Visit our shop the next time you need sturdy, high-quality equipment for contractor work.

Kubota Utility Vehicles

The best way to define Kubota utility vehicles is as balanced, versatile, comfortable, and strong. They are ideal for transporting things without sacrificing comfort. Ensure that driver weariness is eliminated. Midsize to full-size utility vehicles are available with both gas and diesel engines.

Why Mission Valley Kubota?

We are one of the greatest sources in the region for robust, durable agricultural and construction equipment since Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment is an authorized distributor for Kubota Tractors and equipment. We’re also leading distributors for Land Pride, Gearmore, Towmaster Trailers, Paladin, and Echo Outdoor Power Equipment. Our dealership’s ability to give flexibility to customers, regardless of the size of their business or budget, is made possible by the availability of both new and used vehicles. We take great satisfaction in being able to provide our clients with a large selection of product choices of Kubota vehicles, including:

  • Kubota Tractors
  • Kubota Mowers
  • Kubota Construction
  • Kubota Utility Vehicles

Meet Our Team & Visit Our Showroom

Our courteous, educated, and skilled team will assist you in finding precisely what you’re searching for when you visit our showroom. We are knowledgeable in Kubota tractors and can address any queries or worries you may have. With our assistance, you may choose your new gadget wisely. To keep our neighborhood and clients satisfied, we also maintain our warehouse well-stocked with top-notch equipment. Give us a call or stop by today to purchase your new Kubota vehicle.

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Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment takes great pride in its reputation as a reliable trailer dealer. Our used Kubota collection is ideal for residents of San Jose, California, and we cover Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, and Alameda Counties. We are aware of how difficult your task is. Give us the opportunity to put in more effort to provide sales and finance that will help you finish the task. We’re dedicated to putting our clients’ needs first, which enables us to provide them with rugged, long-lasting equipment for a range of applications. We can assist you whether your team has found inefficiencies with your current equipment or you require a brand-new Kubota tractor or trailer.

We are conveniently reachable from both Interstate 880 and Highway 101 because we are situated in San Jose, California on Brokaw Road. We encourage walk-ins as well as calls to make an appointment. Regardless of the choice you select, our sales, repair, and rental teams will guide you through your options and identify any issues. Use our online consumer and business finance apps if you have questions regarding financing. Our goal at Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment is to simplify your life.