What Is The Life Span Of A Commercial Mower?

What Is The Life Span Of A Commercial Mower?

commercial mower is vital to any lawn care business or to consumers with large areas to mow. Keeping your mower in good shape will allow it to work better and to last longer, but nothing lasts forever, so how long SHOULD a commercial grade mower last?

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Your Mower’s Life Span

The average lawnmower usually lasts eight to ten years with proper maintenance and care, but a mower that isn’t maintained properly may only last half that time. Unlike cars or trucks, mower life is measured by hours run rather than miles driven. How many hours a mower may last depends on the quality of the mower, as well as how often it’s used.

For example, a typical commercial mower will last anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 hours before it needs to be replaced, but many of the components of the mower will need to be replaced sooner. The spindles will usually last around 1,000 hours but other items like blades, tires, belts, and filters will need to be replaced much sooner. An important factor that will affect the mower’s lifespan is the type of motor. A liquid cooled or diesel engine will give far more hours of service than an air cooled model.

Final Words

A commercial mower is a machine, and all machines need routine maintenance to perform as intended by their manufacturer. A commercial mower can last up to 10 years if proper maintenance is performed and timely repairs are made.

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