What are some tips to know when buying an excavator?

What Are Some Tips to Know When Buying an Excavator?

Buying an excavator is a big investment, but it can significantly reduce labor and improve efficiency on a job site. Mission Valley Kubota specializes in new, used, and rental tractors, excavators, and other equipment. We carry leading manufacturers, including Land Pride, Gearmore, Towmaster Trailers, Kubota, Paladin, and more. We also offer service and repairs, replacement parts, and specialized attachments and implements. Before buying an excavator, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each piece of equipment, what to expect, how to safely operate and maintain it, and when to bring it in for repairs. Here are some important tips to consider before you come to see in San Jose, CA.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Buy an Excavator?

Before you begin looking at excavators to purchase, you should learn more about the best time of year to buy an excavator. Most business owners plan ahead 30 to 60 days when creating budgets or making major plans for their businesses. You should also consider seasonal factors that might affect your need for an excavator, as well as future jobs or projects you have coming up. Next, think about your budget. Do you have room in your budget to buy an excavator right now, or can you wait for price decreases or special deals? Taking a proactive approach will give you enough time to continue your search if you determine that the purchase isn’t in your budget yet. If you’re planning on taking out a loan or applying for financing to buy an excavator, you should also consider how many open lines of credit you currently have. You may get better rates or financing opportunities if you wait until you have paid off another one of your financial obligations.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy an Excavator?

Next, you should consider the cost of purchasing a new excavator. The cost of an excavator depends on a number of factors:

  • Who you purchase from.
  • Your regional market.
  • Seasonal deals or specials.
  • The make, model, and manufacturer.
  • The size and power.
  • Additional features included.

Most new, full-sized excavators cost between $100,000-500,000, but the price can go even higher. Small excavators generally cost between $75,000-150,000, while mid-sized excavators may cost between $100,000-200,000. Buying an excavator new rather than used has a lot of advantages. You will get maximum power and efficiency, better fuel consumption, and possibly extended warranties. At Mission Valley Kubota, we also offer excavators for rent and used excavators.

Evaluate the Operating Weight & Size of Excavator Needed

Next, consider the operating weight and size of the excavator needed for your project or business. You’ll also want to consider the application or use of the excavator. Most crawler excavators are available in three size classes: compact or mini, mid-size, and standard or full-size. Compact excavators have an operating weight between 0-6 metric tons, mid-size excavators have an operating weight of 6-10 metric tons, and full-size excavators have an operating weight of between 10-90 metric tons. Before you start looking into buying an excavator, consider the requirements of the job, and determine what size machine you need and what bucket capacity will be most effective and efficient.

Consider Hydraulic Flow

Then, you should consider what attachments you’ll be working with and the hydraulic flow required for each. Our team can help you find the right attachments for your job so that you can complete it efficiently and safely. You should also consider your coupler options, which can help you make decisions about the scope and variety of attachments you’ll need for your excavator. A central hydraulics system can boost performance and offer more control over your movement. Increased hydraulic power means more breakout force, increased lifting strength, and improved responsiveness. This means your excavator will perform better and faster.

Think About Transportation & Access

You should also think about transportation and access. You may need a large trailer to haul your excavator to and from job sites, and you may also need to travel on weight-restricted roads and bridges. You will also have to plan for proper employee training and certification. You should also ensure you buy an excavator the right size for your application and region. Different states have different regulations, and your owner/operator costs may vary from state to state.

Consider the Needs of the Operator

Don’t forget to consider the needs of the operator when choosing an excavator to buy or rent. Most operators will vocalize a preference between an ISO or SAE control pattern. Many new excavators offer a pattern control selector so the operator can adjust the machine to their preferences.

Measure Comfort & Ergonomics

Another crucial consideration is the operators’ comfort and ergonomics in the excavator’s cab. Operators may be in the cab for ten hours a day, and a comfortable, ergonomic interior will prevent fatigue, maintain focus, and reduce the risk of work-related injuries or safety concerns. Look for special features that increase operator comfort, such as a larger cab size, adjustable temperature control, a lumbar system, tilted seats, adjustable foot pedals, and Bluetooth connections.

Look at the Tracks & Undercarriage

Then look at the tracks and undercarriage options for each excavator you’re considering. Your excavator’s track options will impact the productivity and performance of the machine. Compact excavators usually have rubber tracks that minimize surface damage; however, these tracks wear out more quickly than steel. For mid-size or full-size excavators, you’ll usually find steel tracks in varying widths, depths, and sizes. You’ll want to think about the ground condition of your project and the different applications for the machine. Next, look for a rugged undercarriage with features that make it easier to clean, maintain, and repair. Larger undercarriages can offer increased durability and ease of access.

Consider Additional Features

Nowadays, when you buy an excavator, you have the option for additional features that improve the machine’s performance, productivity, and operating costs. Look for features like selectable power modes and auto-idle to improve fuel efficiency. You should also look for options like LED lighting kits, rear and side-view cameras, and easy access points for maintenance and repair. Next, consider advanced technology options like machine control and telematics. Many of these options will actually be less expensive to include as part of the initial purchase price rather than adding them in later.

Compare Maintenance Contracts & Warranty Options

When you’re ready to start the process of buying an excavator, talk to your dealer about your options for warranties, extended warranties, and maintenance contracts. Buying an excavator is a big investment, and with the right care and maintenance, your equipment can last up to 20 years. Most manufacturers offer their own standard warranties on equipment, but your dealer may also offer a premium maintenance program or an extended warranty option that will make your purchase even more cost-effective. Warranty contracts also extend the lifespan of your equipment, maintain its safety and performance, and ensure it remains productive for as long as possible.

Choose the Right Excavator Dealer

Finally, you should be sure to choose the right dealer for buying an excavator. At Mission Valley Kubota, we have built a legacy as a trusted, reputable dealer. Our team is dedicated to putting the customer first and doing everything possible to save them time and money. We know how hard our customers work and how important it is for them to have access to the highest quality equipment and parts in the industry. We specialize in tough, durable, high-performance equipment from trusted manufacturers that we have tried ourselves. We would never recommend a product that isn’t top-notch. We are an authorized dealer for new and used equipment, including:


  • Arrowhead Hammer
  • Echo
  • Gearmore
  • Kubota Construction
  • Kubota Mowers
  • Kubota Tractors
  • Kubota Utility Vehicles
  • Land Pride
  • Paladin Attachments
  • Towmaster


  • Arrowhead Rockdrill
  • Echo Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Gearmore
  • Land Pride
  • Paladin
  • Towmaster Trailers

We also offer high-quality maintenance and repair options for existing tractors, trailers, mowers, and other equipment. Our highly trained and experienced technicians completely understand the inner workings of all the equipment we sell, maintain, and repair. We stay up to date with the latest trends, advancements, and research in the industry, so we can be sure we’re offering the best possible maintenance and service.

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