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Tractor Supply by Mission Valley Kubota

Mission Valley Kubota is San Jose, CA’s favorite supplier of Kubota construction equipment. For years, we’ve been supplying our community with reliable, hard-working tractors for all uses. Our construction fleets are no different. Kubota construction equipment is specialized for the toughest job, helping you and your crew accomplish more while saving on time. We have a large selection of excavators, track loaders, and more. No matter what you need for your operation, you can find it at Mission Valley Kubota. Our team is well-versed in all of our equipment and looks forward to helping you. Call or visit our San Jose tractor supply store today to learn more. We also offer fleet sales for large jobs and contractors.

Kubota KX and U Series

Dig straight to bedrock with these excavators. They can fit in large construction sites and small jobs with limited space alike. We have a large selection of excavators to meet your construction needs. Their conventional tail swing models bring your crew plenty of side and lifting stability. The minimum tail swing models are exactly what you need for tight spots where you don’t have real estate to move around. These series perfectly combine vast utility with efficient operation, regardless of your limited operation space.

The optional hydraulic angle blade helps you save time and work with superior efficiency. The controls let you operate the rocker switch on the dozer level for simple movement, allowing you to angle it right or left to shove soil as your machine moves forward. This is a great example of how Kubota thinks of the professional at work, eliminating the need for you to reposition your blade at right angles when backfilling trenches.

Kubota excavators run on the clean-running Kubota Tier 4 Engine. This modern engine provides superior digging and lifting power with minimal noise and limited vibration, allowing you to work smarter and more comfortably. Additionally, the two-pattern selection system brings convenience when changing between ISO and SAE operating patterns. Just flip the switch without ever having to grab tools or leave your seat.

Kubota SVL Track Loaders Series

Extend your area of operation without delay with SVL Track Loaders. When wheeled vehicles get stuck in off-seasons and rough terrain, this series is the answer. The compact loader design allows you to be versatile even in tight areas with limited available space. You can easily operate them in both residential and commercial areas. They also come with a wide assortment of attachments and configurations to adapt to your needs. With attachments like hammers, snow blowers, grapples, graders, tillers, rotary cutters, tree pullers, and more, this series is as adaptable as they come.

The hydraulic system on these loaders features an advanced multifunction valve that gives the user a smooth movement throughout all hydraulic functions. You can also run AUX hydraulics, and bucket and loader arm functions together without fear of stalling. The wider cab entrance opens up to a 36” side-screen to side-screen width, adding comfort and additional vision. The Kubota-designed compact track loaders integrated undercarriage is welded without exposed hoses or openings. This provides you with a sturdier and more rugged design to stand up to hard work. With an adjustable high flow hydraulic system, you can pre-set each maximum flow setting, preventing damage from overpowering certain attachment hoses and motors. Every step of Kubota engineering has the operator in mind.

Kubota SSV Skid Steer Loader Series

It’s important to navigate tight places with precision. While digging and lifting, you don’t always need a big wheel loader, dozer, or rough terrain forklift; enter the skid steer loader. This series of skid steer loaders are nimble and versatile while standing up to heavier duty machines, allowing you to maneuver easily throughout both residential and commercial worksites. There are also plenty of modifications and attachments available, including snow blowers, rotary cutters, graders, tillers, grapples, tree pullers, and more. The SSV series combines affordability and agility with hard work and versatility into the perfect digging and lifting vehicle.

SSV Skid Steer loaders eliminate the need to buy extra units. They all come standard with a suspension seat and two speeds that easily allows you to move from 7 mph to 11 mph. Adding to the comfort, they provide the widest cab in the market with a roll-up door, giving your team a 36” side-screen to side-screen width. This allows your operators to pivot when looking to their rear comfortably, raising visibility and minimizing accidents. Their loader arm design is rugged, adding a long reach and high bucket hinge pin height for vertical geometry. This can push and dig to the likes of a radial machine but with exceptional navigation.

Kubota L and B Series Tractors

The Kubota construction tractors are among the toughest in the business. The B26TLB utility tractor is loaded with an impressive 24.3 horsepower diesel engine powering you through the toughest terrain with ease. Additionally, it’s equipped with standard four-wheel-drive for added stability and traction. But the improvements don’t stop there – Kubota has also designed the sloped load arms and hood to improve visibility on the worksite, helping to minimize risks and maximize productivity.

The L47 is a behemoth of capability. With is 47.1 gross HO, 2,848 lbs. or lift capability and 121 in. max digging depth, this is the perfect tractor/loader/backhoe for contractors. It’s a high-performance, compact model that adds power and versatility to landscapers and rental services alike. As with the other Kubota models, you’re free to add all types of implements like box scrapers, rotary tilers, rear blades, landscape rakes, post hole diggers, snowblowers, and more. Bring power, speed, and efficiency to your next job with the L Series tractors.

Kubota’s Promise

Kubota Construction Equipment has been a top-of-the-line, go-to for thousands of contractors and construction experts for years. These master-engineered machines have earned their reputation for being reliable, hard-working, and efficient. You can always depend on their superior construction for all of your jobs. Kubota builds its equipment from the ground up with you in mind at every step. Their commitment to quality and precision has made them a global leader in construction vehicles and tools.

Established in 1972 as a compact tractor company, Kubota has been a well-known name and brand leader for offering the very best in reliable, efficient construction equipment and tractors. They match top performance with safety, innovation, and consideration for the job. The tractors are designed with professional contractors as the focal point, creating machines that go above and beyond. This translates to helping your team accomplish tasks quicker, safer, and more efficiently.

Why Mission Valley Kubota?

Similar to Kubota’s mission, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with name-brand, state-of-the-art construction machinery, and equipment to help them finish any task. There is a wide range of needs on construction sites, and we’ve expanded our portfolio of available equipment to meet these demands. Whether you need a single machine to rent for a quick job or are looking to buy a fleet of tractors, we’ll work one-on-one with you. Call or stop by today and chat with our expert team. We’ll help you get the equipment you need to take your jobs to the next level with safety, efficiency, and reliability as the top priorities.