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Kubota Mobile Service Truck

Kubota Certified Technicians

Our Kubota Certified Mobile Technician go through an intensive hands-on training with Kubota University. Classes are divided by type of tractor where the technician will work hand in hand with a Field Service Manager. Our technicians return to Mission Valley Kubota with the knowledge and the capability of servicing your tractor, no matter that the needs are. Kubota Technicians will have easy access to state-of-the-art online Service Center, which provides access to technical information. Putting your mind at easy that your machine is in good hands!
Here at Mission Valley Kubota, we pride ourselves on providing you with timely and accurate diagnoses and repairs!

At Home Maintenance

Compared to a vehicle, a tractor is a totally different beast. In order to get the most bang for your buck and keep your tractors life span, regular maintenance is required. There are some daily routine checkpoints that you can do at home such as; visual inspections, abnormal noise/vibrations, daily cleaning, checking belts and blades for wear and damages, and so much more. While conducting your daily inspections if something seems out of the ordinary, don’t fear give our service department a call and we can get you scheduled for our Kubota Mobile Technician to come to you!

General Services Offered:

You’ve preformed a daily routine check up on your Kubota Tractor and realize, when was the last time I took my Kubota in for its general maintenance? Did you know that Kubota Tractors (just like other tractor brands) need maintenance based off of hours ran, starting at 50 hours. That is right, hours rather than miles! Here are just some of the basic services that our Mobile Service Truck offers:

  • Engine Oil Change
  • Transmission Fluid Change
  • All Filter Cleaning
  • All Filter Replacements
  • Radiator Screen Cleaning
  • Checking Coolant Levels

Those were just a few of many things our Mobile Service Technician can service for you! If for any reason during your general service your Kubota require more technical work you may be asked to schedule an appointment to service your tractor at our dealership.
Always reference your Kubota Tractors Operator’s Manual for information on your specific model.

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