Spotlight: SVL75-3 Compact Track Loader

Unveiling the Game-Changer in Heavy-Duty Equipment – the Kubota SVL75-3 Compact Track Loader! Are you ready to elevate your workday from routine to remarkable? The Kubota SVL75-3 is stepping into the spotlight, boasting features that promise not just to meet but to exceed your expectations. Engineered with precision, this powerhouse has been crafted to easily tackle the toughest jobs while wrapping you in unmatched operator comfort.

The SVL75-3 is the Kubota compact track loader you’ve been searching for to champion every task. Discover how Kubota construction equipment stands out by offering superior performance, durability, and comfort. Welcome to a new era of productivity, where no project is too big for your ambitions.

Comfort Redefined in the Kubota SVL75-3

Every aspect of the Kubota SVL75-3’s design caters to the operator’s ease and efficiency. This model introduces a significant upgrade with its sealed and pressurized, tilt-up one-piece cab design – a novel approach not seen in the previous Dash-2 generation. Integrating the floor pan into the cab’s tilt-up mechanism marks a groundbreaking shift toward ensuring a cleaner, quieter work environment. Kubota has meticulously engineered this model to offer more foot space, adding about two inches more room than its predecessor, enhancing comfort during long hours of operation.

The climate control system has undergone comprehensive improvements for superior heating and cooling performance, ensuring operators remain comfortable regardless of the weather conditions outside. The easy-access, slide-open front door, a hallmark of Kubota’s design philosophy, supports safe and convenient entry and exit. This feature, unique in its utility, allows the door to remain operational regardless of the loader arm or bucket position. Kubota’s relentless focus on ergonomic design is evident in the layout of controls and switches, all thoughtfully placed within arm’s reach to prevent strain and promote productivity.

Revolutionizing Control and Convenience

Elevate your control with the Kubota SVL75-3 Compact Track Loader, featuring state-of-the-art joysticks that redefine precision handling. These updated controls integrate fingertip command of major operations and attachments, highlighting backlit switches for quick function identification – day or night.

The innovation extends to the cab’s right side with a 7-inch color touchscreen, complementing the joystick’s functionality. This intuitive display, controllable through touch or a convenient jog dial, presents vital stats like fuel levels and hydraulic temperatures at a mere glance. Enhancing security and convenience, the SVL75-3 introduces a keyless, push-button start with customizable passcodes for operator exclusivity. Plus, enjoy seamless connectivity with a radio featuring Bluetooth, ensuring your projects are productive and harmoniously connected.

Power Packed in the Kubota SVL75-3

The Kubota SVL75-3 Compact Track Loader heralds a new benchmark in power that commands attention. The machine retains its robust 74.3 hp engine but with an optimized performance that leaps beyond expectations. Its rated operating capacity sees a significant boost, surging 8% to reach 2,490 pounds at 35% tipping load and skyrocketing to 3,557 pounds at 50%. The engine, an evolved turbocharged V3307 model, achieves new heights in torque, equipping it to tackle the most demanding tasks with vigor.

Kubota’s ingenious cooling system enhancements mean the SVL75-3 efficiently manages engine temperature, channeling extra power into your work without breaking a sweat. The cleverly designed, hydraulically driven fan further refines performance, adjusting its speed to weather conditions, ensuring the engine’s optimum performance while conserving power for where it’s needed most.

Cutting-Edge Performance

Experience the pinnacle of capability with the SVL75-3’s enhanced hydraulic system, marked by Kubota’s pioneering Advanced Multi-function Valve. This leap in innovation allows for the simultaneous operation of auxiliary hydraulics, the bucket, and loader arm functions, streamlining your work without fear of stalling. Choose between standard flow, at a robust 19.2 gallons per minute, or high flow, at an impressive 29.8 gallons per minute, to suit any task.

With its Electronic Travel Torque Management System, aggressive operation for quicker cycle times becomes reality, optimizing hydraulic pump output to prevent engine stalls. The SVL75-3 moves with purpose – boosted travel speeds and smoother turns courtesy of a new auto-shift system – and lifts with precision, thanks to standard self-leveling that maintains balance with a simple switch.

Enhanced Undercarriage Durability

The SVL75-3 Compact Track Loader boasts a robust undercarriage that remains untouched in design, symbolizing durability and reliability. This loader’s undercarriage employs a welded, integrated mainframe construction coupled with Kubota’s specialized rubber tracks featuring a distinctive lug pattern.

This innovative design element reduces soil accumulation while boosting traction, vital for challenging terrains. It hosts four track rollers per side, laying down a stable 56.5-inch track footprint. The available track options include a standard 12.6-inch width and an expanded 15.8-inch wide track, improving stability without altering the ground pressure from the previous model’s 4.7 psi. This strategic blend of stability and efficiency underscores the SVL75-3’s exceptional build quality and performance versatility.

Maintenance Simplified

Maintenance on the Kubota SVL75-3 Compact Track Loader reveals a thoughtful approach to dramatically enhancing ease and efficiency. The cab’s innovative tilt-up design negates the need to elevate loader arms for access, simplifying routine checks and servicing. The hydraulic systems, from pumps to valves, are effortlessly reachable, mirroring the accessibility of the hydraulic tank.

Further innovation is evident at the machine’s rear, where the radiator and oil cooler’s strategic top-mounted position facilitate straightforward cleaning and upkeep. The reimagined engine compartment door not only introduces a sleek aesthetic but cleverly incorporates the fuel tank, enhancing machine balance with additional counterweight, a testament to Kubota’s dedication to practical, user-friendly design enhancements.

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The Kubota SVL75-3 is a testament to our dedication at Mission Valley Kubota to provide only the best track loaders to our valued customers. This machine, designed with your needs in mind, combines innovation with efficiency to ensure success in every project. With a strong focus on durability, performance, and maintenance ease, the SVL75-3 represents a reliable partner for commercial business owners, landowners, and farmers alike. We invite you to experience the difference with the SVL75-3 and see how it can transform your operational productivity.

Visit us in San Jose, CA, or reach out online for a closer look at how we can help take your commercial endeavors to the next level. As an authorized Kubota construction equipment dealer, your success is our priority, and with the Kubota SVL75-3, we’re here to ensure you achieve it.

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