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What To Know Before Renting Equipment

You have a project that needs completing. Only the most rugged and trustworthy equipment is going to cut it. Your next stop is to rent what you need to move the earth or navigate rocky terrain. At Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment, we want to make your renting experience easier by providing a common-sense list of questions to ask yourself and us. We pledge to offer you an honest estimate of our services and to provide transparent customer service. Read our guide to renting construction equipment below. Our San Jose, CA rental company can help.

Should You Rent Or Buy?

The first question you should ask yourself is whether it is better to rent or purchase equipment. There’s no easy answer to the problem because it depends on various factors. For instance, you’ll need to review your current costs and build out a budget. Is there room for purchasing new equipment? Next, compare the price of ownership over renting against your budget. You’ll want to check whether the company offers insurance – we do. Lastly, are you planning on using the equipment again or frequently? If this is a one-off project, then renting is a better bet. Even those who often use our rental items can find use in renting over owning.

What Do You Need The Equipment For?

We can help you determine what kind of equipment to rent, but it always helps to have a good idea on your own. How long will the project take? You can also ask how high you need to reach, whether you need to move dirt, whether you need attachments, and how often you’ll require the use of the equipment. Lastly, do you have certified operators who are up-to-date on all required training?

What Should You Look For In A Rental Company?

There are various things you should look for in an equipment rental company. Fortunately, Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment has a reputation for delivering outstanding services to our customers. We offer a consultation before asking you to order. You can ask questions and gauge which equipment you need. We can hash out whether you need it delivered or if you can pick it up. Our team members can offer training on the equipment if you need it.

Make A Note Of Your Project’s Environment

One of the most important factors in renting construction equipment involves assessing the nature of your project. Before you contact us, survey your area and determine what kind of obstacles you might have to hurdle. For instance, is your project on unstable land? It’s essential to make a note of that information and pass it along to us. The more context you can provide us with, the better we can serve you. If we can understand what you are looking for, we can offer a recommendation that best suits you and your project. Communicating what you need the equipment to do is another crucial point.

How Long Will The Project Take?

Figure out how long you need the equipment for and balance and budget your time efficiently. You don’t want it sitting around any longer than it should. It can be tricky, but Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment has plenty of experience helping project managers and homeowners figure out how long it will take to complete any phase of their project. We have rented our equipment for single-day use, weeks, and even months. How long you use the equipment depends entirely on your specifications, but we can certainly help.

Will You Be Picking It Up Or Having It Delivered?

We can deliver your equipment, or you can pick it up. So, you’ll need to decide which option works best for you. Most people opt for delivery convenience. If you choose that option, one of our professionals will deliver and pick up your equipment at the desired times.

Make Sure To Think Of Questions To Ask Of Us

Renting construction equipment can be overwhelming. Fortunately for you, we offer consultations. These one-on-one conversations are essential because they enable you to ask us any questions you might have. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent in our dealings with you. We pledge to always let you know the ins and outs of your rental agreement, so you are not caught off guard. While we are happy to speak with you in person, you can certainly ask us some of these frequently asked questions.

Do You Have a Maintenance Record?

We do! We take great care of the equipment we rent. When we get a skid-steer, track loader, or excavator back from a customer, we service it extensively, making sure it is in sublime working order for the next customer. The equipment we rent is full of moving parts, so it is vital to keep it in good working order, something we accomplish by paying daily attention to it. We also keep careful records for you.

What Happens If The Equipment Breaks Down?

If there is a problem, you can count on us to continue our record of unparalleled customer service. In other words, we’ll be right there. You will not have to endure a long delay while we repair the equipment. While our maintenance habits prevent most breakdowns, we cannot control all of them. What we can control is the speed at which we respond to the situation.

Can I Extend the Rental Time?

You can. While we have an agreed-upon rental time, you can certainly increase it if needed. WE deal with this situation all the time, as construction delays are common. For example, if the weather prevents you from performing work enough times, then you might need to extend the rental period. All you need to do is reach out to Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment, and we will work something out.

What Kind Of Equipment Do You Rent?

At Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment, we understand that no two job sites are the same. You might be a commercial construction company in charge of a sprawling work site. In that case, you might need more than one rental. But do-it-yourself homeowners who are performing a home addition have different needs. So we work hard to keep various construction equipment and utility machines on hand. Some of the equipment we can rent include:

  • Skid Steers: Skid-steer loaders are versatile equipment that enables operators to do various construction tasks because they are compatible with numerous attachments. You can perform excavation with one, but you can also perform demolition tasks. Our skid-steer loader rentals can even lift heavy objects overhead with ease. They have two speed levels, heavy-duty tires, and high ground clearance. Most importantly, they handle all terrains easily. They are also user-friendly, as the interior offers a 360-degree view.
  • Track Loaders: Track loaders have high-floatation rubber tracks, which are perfect for navigating sensitive services or worksites with subpar underfoot conditions. They are the ideal option for making your way through construction sites with too much loose dirt or gravel for other equipment. You can excavate earth and grade your lot with one, and they are perfect for loading dirt and debris post-demolition.
  • Excavators: We rent the Kubota U35-4 excavator, which can dig holes, trenches and demolish surfaces. It is the perfect tool for numerous construction tasks. Ours are regularly maintained and serviced, ensuring they withstand even the most rugged construction sites. Excavation work is too important to entrust in less than honest dealers. Instead, place your trust in Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment, which has the highest quality excavators around.

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