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Find Reliable Construction Rental Equipment for Your San Jose Project


When working on various home improvement and construction projects, it’s impossible to always have all of the equipment you need. Heavy machinery is an expensive investment, and it only makes sense to rent it when you require it and return it when the project is complete. Luckily Mission Valley Kubota has rental options to give you access to all the equipment you need when you need it. Our Kubota Rental Services in San Jose, CA offers a selection of track loaders, excavators, and skid steer loaders for you to use for a day, a week, or even longer for extended projects. Contact our team today if you have any questions about our equipment options or to schedule a rental for your project.

How Do I Know Which Rental Option is Best for Me?

Though using our rental equipment requires knowledge of the machinery, our team is here to help you ensure you choose the right equipment for your needs. While many of the equipment options can tackle the same types of projects, some are better equipped to handle certain tasks than others. Our team will help you find the right high-performance and hassle-free equipment to get the job done right. If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask. Our team is always here to assist you!

Complete Construction Projects with Ease with a Skid Steer Loader

This skid-steer loader is as versatile as they come, featuring the option for different attachments to complete various construction tasks. From excavation to demolition and debris removal, the Kubota SSV65 can accomplish nearly any task, even lifting heavy loads overhead with ease. This high-quality piece of equipment is built for both function and comfort. With two speed levels, heavy-duty tires, and high ground clearance, the SSV65 can travel over any terrain and get the job done quickly. Not to mention the interior offers excellent visibility and comfort with a 360-degree view, and supportive suspension seat.

Maneuver Sensitive Surfaces with a Track Loader

Mission Valley Kubota offers two track loader rentals at our San Jose, CA business: the Kubota SVL65-2HF and the SVL75-2HF. Both of these options offer high-floatation rubber tracks, which allow them to maneuver on sensitive surfaces or worksites with poor underfoot conditions. This makes a track loader the perfect option for maneuvering construction sites with loose dirt or gravel. Excavate and grade your lot or load dirt and debris with the help of this high-performance equipment from Kubota.

Complete Digging Projects with the U35-4 Excavator

When it comes to digging holes, trenches, or demolishing structures, an excavator can do it all. The Kubota U35-4 is the perfect tool to help you perform a variety of construction tasks. Everything about this equipment is designed to get the job done, even in tight spaces. The hydraulic dozer blade and superior tracks allow you to navigate over all types of terrain and obstacles, making this a must-have for any project. Not to mention, the interior is built for superior comfort featuring air conditioning, a deluxe suspension seat and wrist rest. You can get the job done quickly with the help of this excavator.

Contact Our Team for Rental Options

At Mission Valley Kubota, we’re here to help you complete all of your construction projects with our rental equipment in San Jose. We’re here to provide you with the right equipment for every job and can even help you choose the proper equipment depending on your project requirements. If you’d like to learn more about our Kubota rental services in San Jose, CA, please reach out to us. A member of our team will be happy to assist you.