Is Your Tractor Ready for The Winter?

Is Your Kubota Tractor Ready for Winter in San Jose, CA?

Our Kubota Tractor Experts Have Some Tips  

Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment has been a trustworthy tractor dealer in San Jose, CA and surrounding areas for years. We have a large inventory of new and used state-of-the-art Kubota tractors and equipment, including mowers, construction equipment, utility vehicles, attachments, and tractor parts. We are also an authorized distributor for Land Pride, Gearmore, Towmaster Trailers, Paladin, and Echo Outdoor Power Equipment, making us one of the area’s best resources for rugged, tough farming and construction equipment. No matter what your company size or budget is, we can find something for you within our inventory selection.

When it comes to prepping for winter and the inclement weather that comes with seasonal changes, you want to make sure your tractor is well maintained and ready to take on colder temperatures. Below, we have outlined some tips and a checklist to help you prep your tractor for the upcoming winter season. Visit us today to check out our new and used tractor inventory!

How to Prep Your Kubota Tractor & Equipment for Winter

Keeping your tractor well-maintained and cared for is the best way to keep it running for years to come. As you get ready for the upcoming winter season, you might not immediately consider how to properly store your Kubota tractor and Kubota tractor attachments to protect them from the elements when you aren’t using them. Here are a few things to remember as you prepare your tractor for winter:

  • Check & Charge the Batteries – Cold weather wreaks havoc on batteries that aren’t being used regularly. Freezing weather can kill batteries that aren’t charged, so it’s important to check them every three weeks to make sure the batteries aren’t drained.
  • Check & Top-Off Fluids – Check, refill, and replace fluids in your tractor as necessary. Engine oils and other lubricants can lose their potency during the winter.
  • Condition the Fuel – Adding a fuel conditioner to the diesel tank before freezing temperatures arrive will improve the quality of the fuel. Find a high-quality conditioner that’s recommended for use by your tractor’s manufacturers, and it will be ready to go once spring arrives.
  • Take Off Any Devices – If you have any external devices attached to your tractors, such as a GPS or monitor, it’s important to detach them from the tractor and store them inside where they won’t get damaged. You can also remove, clean, and maintain any Kubota tractor attachments you have when you’re not using them during winter.
  • Change the Oil – The best time of year to change the oil in your tractor is right before winter arrives. Any particles or sediments that are in the oil from using your tractor will solidify over winter, making it nearly impossible to flush out in the spring. Change it when you use it for the last time, and it will keep fine throughout winter.
  • Keep it Warm – You obviously don’t need to dress your tractor in a coat, hat, and gloves, but it’s important to keep it stored and out of the elements. Try to keep your tractor as warm as possible where it is stored. For example, if you have a shed attached to the house or a barn that’s near the house.
  • Use Anti-Freeze – It’s good to choose a high-quality anti-freeze that will last you throughout the entire winter season. Keep in mind that adding too much anti-freeze can do damage to your tractor. Always follow your tractor manufacturer’s instructions when using any fluids.

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