Is Your Tractor Ready for the Summer?

Preparing Your Kubota Tractor for the Summer

Mission Valley Kubota Tractor & Equipment is a proud provider of high-quality sales, rental, parts, and servicing on Kubota tractors, mowers, and construction equipment, as well as other reputable brands. Our selection of new and used equipment is sure to meet or exceed your needs in any industry, whether you wish to invest in a hardworking model or choose to rent a tractor for a limited time. Maintenance is a critical part of keeping your equipment in top working condition and avoiding breakdowns and other issues. We strongly advise you to check your equipment and receive routine care, whether your San Jose, CA-area Kubota construction equipment is a few years old, or it’s time to start using your Kubota tractor full-time during the warmer months. Ensuring your equipment is ready to run should be at the top of your to-do list before you begin using it, so we have some useful advice to make sure your tractor is ready for the summer.

Trust Our Expertise in Construction Equipment, Tractors, Mowers, & Other Equipment

Product expertise is a valuable resource to any dealer or service provider. You wouldn’t take your car to an auto shop with less-than-adequate training and experience, and we would not expect you to entrust us with your tractor and equipment needs without the proper knowledge and skills. Mission Valley Kubota Tractor & Equipment has years of experience selling, renting, and servicing new and used equipment. If you have an issue with your tractor’s performance or condition, our team of technicians performs timely and conclusive repairs to restore it. We also offer maintenance to keep your tractor’s components running at their best. With our ample experience handling repairs and providing parts, we understand how vital maintenance is to preserve a tractor. Maintenance is especially important before you start using it regularly during the summer months. Your best action is to check your tires, blades, and other components, and let us perform regular professional maintenance services.

Put New Fuel in the Tank

Drain any excess fuel that might be leftover from the winter months and refill the tank with a fresh fuel supply. Your engine will run smoother because putting in new fuel will minimize the risk of condensation buildup. Since you are already checking the fuel quality, don’t forget to check the other fluid levels as well. If you need more coolant, engine oil, or hydraulic oil, add it so that these components are ready to run. Oil is essential to keep your transmission adequately lubricated, protect your engine from overheating, and reduce moisture.

Clean & Inspect the Battery

After a tractor sits idle for an extended time, the battery often discharges, which can overtax your alternator and, in many cases, result in engine failure. Use a high-powered charger to revive your battery if the juices are low. Additionally, look for fractures, corrosion, or grease residue on the electrical connections. If they are dirty and need a cleaning, go ahead and clean them. In some cases, your battery may be functioning at an optimum level. When this is the case, cleaning the connectors takes stress off your alternator and maintains your battery’s full charge, leaving your tractor fully operational.

Check Tire Condition

Before you start driving your tractor, check if your tires have cracks in the rubber and verify if the air pressure in all the tires is at a consistent level. Use a compression machine to inflate tires with low-pressure readings. If one or more of your tires have significant cracks or wear, you should consider replacing them. Investing in new tires is well worth the money when you consider the safety hazard a flat tire can produce. An even worse scenario is a complete blowout putting your tractor out of commission until you can replace all the affected tires.

Sharpen Blade Attachments

While the vehicle itself is a primary focus of tractor maintenance, there are other components like attachment pieces you need to check and prepare for use. If your tractor doubles as a lawnmower, it will have blade attachments to cut the grass. Over time, these blades become rusty and dull with use, so you must clean and sharpen them regularly to keep them in optimal condition. Upkeep is simple and involves detaching the blades and polishing their blunt edges using a grinder. You can also take these blades to a hardware store or automotive repair store if you don’t have a grinding wheel. Swap out the blade for a new attachment if it is no longer functional.

Check for Cracks in Belts

Your drive belts must be in top working order to ensure your tractor’s maximum longevity and dependable use during the summer. The machine depends on these belts to power all its internal functions. Compromised belts affect a broad range of components, including hydraulic pumps, the alternator, cutting blades, and battery charge. Before you start running your tractor, examine all the belts for issues like rotting, slippage, abrasion, and malfunctioning. If you discover these issues in your tractor, replace the belts. In most cases, you can carry out this maintenance task manually. However, if your belts are in especially bad shape, you may need professional assistance to replace them. Mission Valley Kubota Tractor & Equipment has you covered on a wide array of maintenance needs.

Professional Maintenance Services in San Jose, CA

While you can perform many maintenance tasks on your own, some services require professional expertise to ensure your tractor is in top condition and ready to handle a summer of regular use. Mission Valley Kubota Tractor & Equipment has your maintenance needs covered with our years of hands-on experience with various tractor makes, models, and years. We specialize in Kubota tractors, mowers, utility vehicles, and construction equipment, as well as other brands. If your tractor requires replacement parts, we have an extensive inventory available to install for repairs and maintenance. Our parts are also available to purchase if you don’t need service but still wish to purchase belts, tires, and other components. Suppose your maintenance needs exceed your capabilities, or you would rather have a trained professional handle them. In that case, we are ready to keep your tractor running optimally with all parts in exceptional condition.

Mission Valley Kubota Tractor & Equipment’s Technicians

When we say our service technicians are trained and experienced, we mean they can adeptly perform a comprehensive collection of repair and maintenance services your tractor requires. Our commitment to supporting your equipment’s condition and performance motivates us to stay updated on the latest makes and models, including Kubota mowers and tractors. Our technicians can handle routine upkeep and sudden component and functional failures with our extensive repair and maintenance expertise. Their special training and skillset encompass a broad range of maintenance needs, such as the following:

  • Performing any necessary repairs
  • Troubleshooting performance issues
  • Testing all electronic and hydraulic systems
  • Evaluating your fleet’s condition
  • Replenishing fluid levels and finding and repairing fluid leaks

Contact Us for Expert Kubota Expertise & Service

Whether you need regular maintenance as summer approaches, or it’s time to invest in new or used Kubota tractors, mowers, or other equipment, Mission Valley Kubota Tractor & Equipment is ready to help you. We have your tractor needs covered, from repairs to rentals. If you have any questions about tractor upkeep after reading this page, our expert team will gladly guide you to the services you need. Contact us today to learn more about our new and used options for sale or rent, and take advantage of our service expertise whenever your equipment needs repairs or maintenance.

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