Which Kubota Mower is Right for Your Lawn?

Which Kubota Mower is Right for Your Lawn?

If you’ve been to a Kubota lawn mower dealer or browsed their inventory online you may have been overwhelmed by the variety of mowers available. If so, you’re in the right place. Mission Valley Kubota & Tractor provides an overview of the types and models of Kubota mowers, to help you decide which one is right for you.

But first, it’s important to consider the size. This will depend greatly on the lay of your property, how many obstacles you’ll need to mow around, and how important saving time is to you. A larger cutting deck can help you mow your lawn faster, but not if you need to navigate around trees, gardens, etc.

One tip to determine your deck size is to measure the width of the narrowest point between two obstacles you’ll need to mow between. If your deck size is larger than that space, you’ll likely need to come back and finish that area with a walk-behind mower or string trimmer.

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Walk-Behind Mowers

The most common type of residential mower. Suitable for small lawns, these machines are economical and easy to use.

  • WGC6-21 – 5.5 HP, 21″ deck.
  • WH15-48 – 15 HP, 48″ deck
  • WHF19-52 – 19 HP, 52″ deck

Stand-On Mowers

Using a walk-behind mower on big lawns can be tiring, so consider a stand-on mower. The Kubota SZ Series are more maneuverable than walk-behind mowers. They include adjustable cutting deck baffles (except for the 36″). These allow you to adjust the air intake of the cutting deck, which affects the quality of the cut and how the clippings flow to the bag, out the discharge chute, or onto the ground for mulch. These range from 19 HP, 36″ deck to 26 HP, 61″ deck.

Zero-Turn Mowers

Zero-turn mowers allow you to easily maneuver around obstacles such as trees, flower beds, benches, and utility poles. These are all riding mowers, so no standing or walking. Since these have a high center of gravity, they may not be best for steep surfaces. These range from 21.5 HP, 42″ to 30.8 HP, 72″ deck.

Compact Lawn Tractors and Front Mount Mowers

Both of these mower types give you a good ride and control. With a lawn tractor (also known as a riding or ride-on mower) you’re seated over the cutting deck. Front mount mowers have the deck in front of you, allowing you to mow under shrubs and trees. One drawback is that this arrangement makes the vehicle longer, so there may be some areas you can’t go. These range from 17 HP, 48” to 24.8 HP, 72” deck.

At Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment, we understand the challenges you face in lawn care and what you need in a residential or commercial lawn mower. Our inventory of Kubota mowers ensures you get high-quality options that feature comfort, durability, and performance from an environmentally friendly brand. If you’re ready to invest in a mower with outstanding performance and convenience, visit our dealership to find the model that suits you, or contact us today with any questions.

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