Tractor Safety in San Jose, CA

Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment Safety Tips

Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment is your answer for new and used tractors and equipment in San Jose, CA and the extending areas. We’re proud to serve Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, and San Francisco Counties. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team puts safety first before we sell you any of our products. We understand that tractors are essential for many people’s livelihood. Every person behind the wheel of a tractor must know the necessary safety tips before operating it. Contact us if you have questions about your tractor or equipment.

Daily Maintenance

Each day it’s crucial to ensure your tractor and all its parts are working correctly by checking:

  • Engine oil and hydraulic fluid
  • Attachments
  • Radiator coolant levels
  • Tire pressure
  • Signals
  • Lights
  • Fan belts
  • Brake fluid

Prevent Rollovers

Safety is your first priority while operating a tractor to prevent rollovers. It’s important to try to avoid rollovers by avoiding steep hills and turning at excessive speeds. Always keep your loader buck as low as possible when in motion. If possible, add weight to the rear tires to stabilize the tractor. Most importantly, your tractor should be equipped with a rollover protection structure (ROPS) and a seatbelt.

Check Your Surroundings Constantly

Never lose focus when operating a tractor. It’s essential always to check your surroundings to avoid an accident by:

  • Never start the tractor when you’re near other people or animals.
  • Stay away from moving parts and driveshafts during operation.
  • Always be on alert when you change direction or turn.
  • When the bucket is raised, be aware of power lines.
  • Stay alert for anything that may accidentally fall in your path.

Mounting and Dismounting Safely

Mounting and dismounting a tractor carefully ensures you’re safe while getting on and off the vehicle. It’s important to make sure the parking brake is set and the machine is off. Make sure your hands and feet are set as you are climbing out of the tractor. It’s best always to have three points of contact to keep entire balance. Be aware of any loose clothing that might get caught on pedals or knobs.

Limit Tractors And Roadway Traffic

Tractors don’t usually travel as fast as everyday road traffic. When possible, limit mixing vehicles and tractors. Try to travel when traffic is light. When on the road, use highly reflective vehicle emblems with your flashing lights and turn signals.

Additional Precautions When Operating A Tractor

Additional precautions include:

  • Never stand under a lifted bucket without protective support. Hydraulic failure can result in tragedy.
  • Never let anyone ride in your loader bucket.
  • Keep people away from your work area for their safety.
  • Never let anyone play with the buttons or levers on the tractor.

Visit Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment Today

Mission Valley Tractor & Equipment understands it takes one second for an accident to happen on a tractor. It’s essential to take these tractor safety tips to heart and use them daily. We invite you to visit us in San Jose, CA for all your tractor needs. We offer financing for your convenience. Our experienced team is here to perform maintenance to ensure your tractor is working at its peak to keep you as safe as possible. Visit us today!

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