Scrap handling boom from Mission Valley Kubota


Scrap handling booms designed and built for mounting on hydraulic excavators   Incorparate excavator manufacturers’ mounting pins, bushings and seals, and either dealer-provided or Jewell hydraulic cylinders   Two- or three-piece boom designed and built to customers’ specifications   Hooked stick design for grapple clearance   Designed for shears, magnets or grapples, depending on application   Excavator Modifications Hydraulic valving for grapple or shear   Attachment control systems, including control handles, electrical wiring and electrical control boxes   Hydraulic Magnet Generator Installations Elevated cab risers, manual tilt or fixed cab elevation were designed to give the operator more visibility for easier operation.   Manual tilt risers reduce height for transportation available in heights of 48″, 60″, 72″ and 84″ or higher. Hydraulic tilt option available for riser.   Risers can be ordered in a kit or installed at Jewell Attachments LLC.   Access door, frame reinforcement, and safety cable provided.   Fixed cab risers from 18″ to 8′   Bolt-on stairway and platform with railing for 48″, 60″ and 72″   Rear-access platform lands on machinery deck for easy access   Magnet Generator Package Reliable high-performance magnet operation   Electrical system designed for 100% duty cycle, easy access and serviceability   Powered through machine hydraulic system with added auxiliary pump   Excavator Guarding Packages Front guarding to protect fuel and hydraulic tanks   Side guarding to protect machine components   Heavy-duty rear corner doors   Operator cab guard for cab or standard excavator   Cab guard with screens lower window guards   Full-length catwalks   Machinery underhouse guarding   Custom additional counterweight

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