Best Ways to Sell a Used Kubota Tractor

Best Ways to Sell a Used Kubota Tractor

Kubota is the #1 selling compact tractor in the US. This is good news if you have a used Kubota tractor you’re hoping to sell. The question is—how do you go about selling the equipment? Follow this guide to help you prepare to sell your tractor and learn the best selling options available.

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Before Selling a Used Kubota Tractor

The goal is to sell your tractor at a fair price as quickly as possible. The following tips can help you reach both goals:

  • Tune up your tractor: Clean up your tractor on the outside to ensure it makes a good first impression. Then, conduct any needed maintenance and repairs on the engine, in the cab, and elsewhere.
  • Gather the proper documents: Most tractors don’t have a title, but you should complete a Bill of Sale to prove the Transfer of Ownership. Other documents to pass along to the buyer include the Owner’s Manual and maintenance records.
  • Set a fair price: To find out what your tractor is worth, consider the value when it was new, how old it is, and the wear and tear it has sustained. For help setting a fair resale price, get the machinery appraised or check local farm equipment auctions.
  • Know your tractor’s specifications: When you list your Kubota tractor for sale, include its model number and other features buyers may be interested in, such as  horsepower, tire size, drive train specs, and more.
  • Sell your tractor attachments: Consider offering a deep discount on your tractor attachments to sweeten the deal for the buyer.

How to Sell a Used Kubota Tractor

If you no longer have use for your tractor, you have a few options for selling it:

  • Sell your used tractor to a dealer: The fastest, easiest method is to sell to a tractor dealer looking to boost their used product inventory.
  • Sell your used tractor to a private buyer: Also known as direct selling, this option takes more effort but may result in a higher selling price.
  • List the used tractor for sale in newspapers and farm magazines: You can catch the eye of potential buyers by utilizing local print media.
  • List the used tractor for sale online: Expand your reach by selling your tractor through an online marketplace. You’ll need to upload photos, list all pertinent details, and wait for an interested buyer to contact you.

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