Best Farming Tractors for Fall Harvesting

What’s the Best Farm Equipment for Fall Harvesting?

Mission Valley Kubota & Equipment Discusses Farming Tractors

As one of the most trusted agriculture and farming tractor dealers in San Jose, CA, the team at Mission Valley Kubota & Equipment is a great source to lean on for information regarding the best farming tractors and equipment for fall harvesting. Ensuring you have the right tools and equipment to rely on in the fall can be the difference between a great harvest and a frustrating experience. We’re here to help you end up in the right place between those two options.

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The Brand Farmers Trust

Kubota tractors are one of the best-selling brands in the agricultural industry due to their superior engineering, quality testing, and trusted products. We’re proud to be an authorized dealer and service provider for the brand, and we stand behind their machines 100%. They are fully committed to manufacturing products and equipment for growers, farmers, and harvesters of all kinds. No matter what part of the agricultural business you’re in, you can be sure there is a quality Kubota tractor that will exceed your expectations. These are our picks for the best farm tractors for fall harvesting.

Kubota Implements and Attachments for Fall Harvesting

No discussion about farm equipment for fall harvesting would be complete if we didn’t mention the high-performance implements for hay fields or a harvest. These products will no doubt increase your productivity and stand the test of time that Kubota products are known for. We’re confident in recommending these tools because of their proven effectiveness, and each comes with Kubota’s warranty coverage.

  • Disc Mowers – Options are available for everything from small tractors to large pastures. No matter which you choose, each cuts efficiently with the precision you need in the fields.
  • TeddersGet the best out of your hay crop and speed up the drying process with Kubota’s selection of tedders. Options are available for any size tractor and any size field.
  • Rakes Whether you’re managing high-capacity crops or working in various conditions, Kubota’s rakes will provide you with the maneuverability you need while covering wide swaths.
  • Spreaders – Spreader options include units designed for vineyards and orchards, or if superior spreading capability is most important, there’s an option for that too.

Your Kubota Headquarters in San Jose, CA

If you want to up your game with the best farm equipment for your fall harvest, you can’t go wrong with Kubota equipment from Mission Valley Kubota & Equipment. We are an authorized dealer of these incredible products and fully stand behind the Kubota brand. Visit us to find your next tractor today.

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