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10', 12' Widths Cat. 2 or 3 Hitch Hydraulic adjustments w/Cylinders & hoses Hydraulic hose storage Main frame: fully welded formed box Retractable...

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10' Width Cat. 2 Angle up to 45 degrees Tilt up to 30 degrees Offset up to 33" left or right Optional skid...

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96", 108" Widths Cat. 2 or 3 Angle up to 45 degrees Tilt up to 15 degrees Offset up to 35" Reversible cutting...

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96", 108" Widths Cat. 1 or 2 Hitch Hydraulic adjustments with hose & fittings Angle up to 45 degrees Offset up to 30"...

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84", 96" Widths Cat. 1 or 2 Hitch Hydraulic adjustments with hose & fittings Manual or hydraulic adjustments 5/16" Blade thickness Retractable parking...

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72", 84", 96" Widths Cat. 1 & 2 Hitch 7 Forward positions, 3 Reverse positions 5 Tilt positions 26" Offset left or right...

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60", 72", 84" Widths Cat. 1 hitch 7 Forward angles; 3 Reverse angles 5 Tilt positions 12" Offset left or right 14" Moldboard...

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60", 74", 84" Widths Cat. 1 Hitch 7 Forward angles; 5 Reverse angles 12" Offset left or right 14" Moldboard height 1/4" Moldboard...

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48", 60" Widths Cat. 1 pins 5 Forward angles; 5 Reverse angles 10" Offset left or right 13 1/2" Moldboard height 1/4" Moldboard...

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350 lb., 563 lb. Capacity Pull-type Easily disengage spinner for transport Adjustment link for various hitch heights Two hopper sizes Hopper cover available...

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925 lb, 1150 lb, 2040 lb Capacity Pendulum-type delivery Plated adjustment levers Heavy-duty tubular frame Various spouts available

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70" Width Reverse rotation 17" Rotor swing diameter #100 Drive chain enclosed in oil bath Spring loaded rear deflector Skid shoe on drive...

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64", 72" Widths Reverse rotation Cat. 1 Hitch Adjustable offset up to 18" #80 Roller chain 17" Rotor swing diameter Adjustable skid shoes...

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58", 66", 74" Widths Reverse rotation Sideshift capabilities Formed & reinforced rear deflector Clevis hitch Seven position skid shoes 4 'C' shaped blades...

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42", 50" Widths Reverse rotation Cat. 1 Hitch Flat Bar A-Frame 13" Rotor diameter Four 'C' blades per flange Adjustable skid shoes, storage...

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62", 70" Widths Forward rotation Offset capability up to 5" Parking stand 4 or 6 Blades per flange 17" Rotor swing diameter #100...

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Cat. 1 3-Point hitch 42", 50", 58", 66", 74", 82" Widths 17" Rotor swing diameter Forward or reverse tine 211 RPM rotor speed...

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8' and 10' Widths 3-point or Pull-type Clevis hitch on 3-point Stump jumper standard Choice of tires High blade tip speed All-welded deck

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84" Width Cat. 1 & 2 10 Gauge deck 2" Diameter cutting capacity 1 1/2" - 12" Cutting height Smooth top design All...

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Reverse rotation Offset capabilities Lower clevis hitch for easier hook-up Steel plate upper hitch Seven position skid shoes 15" Rotor swing 4 'C'...

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Over 350 Products to Fit Your Lifestyle

Salina, Kansas-based Land Pride is a company proud of our Midwestern roots. Land Pride, a Division of Great Plains Mfg., Inc., has been a leader in grounds maintenance equipment since our inception in 1986. Today, we are known not only as a leader in turf equipment, but also recognized across North America as a leader in tractor-mounted implements that include Rotary Tillers, Grooming Mowers, Overseeders, Rotary Cutters, Rear Blades, Landscape Rakes, Snow Blowers, and much more.


Since our inception in 1986, Land Pride, a division of Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc., has been a leader in implements for landscapers, hobby farmers, municipalities and a variety of other users, all designed to lead the sub-compact and compact tractor implement market as well as meet the needs of contractors in heavy-duty and higher-horsepower tractor applications.

In 2007, Land Pride began a unique-to-the-industry marketing alliance with US-based Kubota Tractor Corporation, allowing Land Pride to offer a wide variety of attachments and implements that were engineered specifically for Kubota tractors. The relationship between Land Pride and Kubota Tractor Corporation allowed us to team up with many Kubota dealers across the U.S. and Canada. Our relationship capitalized on both companies strengths and unique product offerings and allowed both companies to grow together!

As the relationship grew, a majority of Land Pride products were “Performance Matched” by Kubota Engineering to assure customers they were getting a quality product guaranteed to fit their Kubota Tractor.

In 2015, Land Pride and Kubota expanded our relationship to include Kubota-branded Construction Attachments built by Land Pride. This deepened our relationship and lead to even greater collaboration on products and marketing programs.

The next logical step in the relationship came in July 2016. Long-time owner of Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc agreed to sell the company, including the Land Pride division, to Kubota Tractor Corporation. What does that mean for Land Pride customers? It means that nothing has changed. You will still see Land Pride Performance Matched Implements in your local Kubota Dealer. It means that if you buy your implements from another Land Pride Dealer, you’ll most likely still be able to do that. It means that if you want to finance your Kubota Tractor and Land Pride Implement together, you certainly can still do that! And you’ll get great rates on Land Pride equipment, with or without a tractor purchase!

With Land Pride and Kubota you get the best team around; quality products, top-notch service, and financing to meet the needs of your lifestyle!