When you’re looking for comfort, practicality, and versatility, you can’t beat the experience that the new Kubota SVL75-3 gives you. The SVL75-3 replaces the popular SVL75-2 with a wide range of performance, comfort and productivity features. Still rated at 74.3 horsepower, but with a higher peak torque, the SVL75-3 is suited for whatever you throw in its way – digging, and moving materials, grading, landscaping, or hardscaping. Available as an open or closed cab, the SVL75-3’s side-screen to side-screen width of 36 inches means you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out, and a comfortable operator is a productive one.

Stock # KT4485

Vin # P1M20419

Equipt with 74" Tooth Bucket

Horsepower: 74.3

Sale Price: $75,101

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Standard 2-Speed Travel and Slectable One-Way Self-Level

Shift from low gear to high gear to get the job done faster. One-way hydraulic self-leveling can be engaged at the flip of a switch and helps keep the bucket or pallet forks in a horizontal position without the need to manually adjust the angle during lifting.

Available with Low Efford Hydraulic Pilot Controls

Work next to home structures and curbs with confidence. Different from Electro-Hydraulic Controls, these hydraulic controls provide maximum feel and precision – with no adjustments or settings necessary. Start moving when you think you’re going to start, and stop moving when you think you’re going to stop.

Advanced Auto Downshift

The Advanced Auto Downshift system from Kubota Compact Track Loader automatically downshifts from high to low gear while making turns, providing the maximum amount of torque needed when exiting a turn.

One-Piece, Sealed Cab

The SVL75-3 is equipped with Kubota’s new one-piece sealed cab that helps prevent dirt, dust, rain and debris from entering the operator space while also reducing noise levels.

Optional Reversing Fan

The addition of a reversible fan helps disperse dirt and debris that can collect in the cooling system.

Advanced Multi-Function Valve

Enhances simultaneous operations, dramatically increasing the productivity of the bucket, and any AUX hydraulic attachment.

Wide Cab Entrance

The wide cab entrance, with a 36” side-screen to side-screen width, allows operators to comfortably pivot when looking to their rear. In addition, a high back seat provides back support from shoulders to lower torso. A comfortable operator is a productive operator.

Standard Rear-View Camera

The new rear-view camera is integrated into the rear bonnet and offers a 176° range of rearward visibility, and is displayed on the new 7” touch screen.

7" Touch Screen

A new 7-inch color LCD touch panel with jog dial comes standard in the SVL75-3. The LCD panel gives operators access to a wide range of functions and vital information, like battery charge, hydraulic oil and coolant temperature, auxiliary mode and fuel level, and is also where the standard rear-view camera is displayed.

Easy-Opening Sliding Front Door

When equipped with a cab enclosure, the cab door slides up and down to improve ingress and egress. Operators can pin the door in the open position and continue to operate with the door open, so there is no need to remove the door and store it where it can get lost or damaged. Front doors can be opened regardless of the loader position.

• Horsepower (gross): 74.3

• Displacement cu. in. (cc): 203.2 (3331)

• Overall Length: 142.1 in. (3609 mm)

• Overall Height: 81.8 in. (2078 mm)

• Overall Width: Vehicle Width Standard Track / Wide Track in. (mm): 65.9 in (1675 mm) / 69.1 in. (1755 mm), Width with Bucket in. (mm): 68 in. (1727 mm)

• Operating Weight lbs. (kg): 9190 (4169) / 9420 (4273)

• Operator Station: Open cab / closed cab

• Rated Operating Capacity (ROC): 2490 (1043)

• Tipping Load lbs. (kg): 7112 (3226)

• Bucket Breakout Force lbf. (kg): 6191 (2808)

• Lift Arm Breakout Force lbf. (kg): 4723 (2142)

• Lift Arm Path: Vertical

• Track Width (standard/wide) in (mm): 12.6 in. (320 mm) / 15.8 in. (400 mm)

• Ground Contact Pressure (psi): Standard: 5.8/5.9 Wide: 4.7/4.8

• Track Rollers (per side): 4

• Track Ground Contact Length: 56.5 in. (1436 mm)

• Traveling Speed: High mph (km/h): 8.6 (13.7)

• Traveling Speed: Low mph (km/h): 5.6 (9.0)

• Traction Force lbf. (kgf): 9678 (4390)

• Ground Clearance: 11.7 in. (296 mm)

• Auxiliary Hydraulics Pressure, psi (bar): 3185 (224.0)

• Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate, GPM (LPM): 19.2 (72.7)/29.8 (112.8)

• Height to Hinge Pin: 122.7 in (3117 mm)

• Ground Pressure psi: Standard: 5.8/5.9 Wide: 4.7/4.8